MOAB Baseball Bats by Rude American

Senior League Power Engineered MOAB Bat
Senior League Power Engineered MOAB Bat

There are entirely too many options in the Baseball Bat industry these days and unfortunately the one that you ultimately purchase is often one that you do not get to demo beforehand, which may result in you getting the wrong bat for you.  Buying bats based on the reviews of others may not yield the results you are looking for either. There are just too many factors involved, your size compared to that of the reviewers, differences is strength, swing speed, and the baseball swing itself is rarely, if ever, exactly the same.

We at DESTROY IT Sports want you to get the right bat and be completely satisfied and confident with your decision. With our partnership with Rude American Bats, there is a new way to buy Bats, the right way. We encourage you to come by and demo the MOAB line, but we insist that you bring your current Bat with you. There is no better way to than to compare something new with something that you have been comfortable with. You’d be surprised often times we have found that the size Bat you have been swinging, may not even be the best option for you. An inch here, an ounce there could make a big difference in your results on the field.

Further, Rude offers the MOABs in two different versions for each bat they make: the POWER Engineered and their SPEED Engineered. The Power Engineered versions are more end loaded and the Speed Engineered are moderately balanced throughout. The interesting thing here is that not all “contact hitters” prefer the Speed Engineered versions, nor do all “clean up” hitters prefer the Power Engineered versions. Again, everyone is different with different “sweet spots” for bats.

Get in contact with us and schedule a demo, either at our location or find out where our next demo day will be.

One last thing, go easy on the pitchers out there, they are people too – they can’t help the fact that MOABs are designed to help HITTERS destroy baseballs.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


The DESTROY IT Sports Team