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We have been in sports for as long as we can all remember.  At Destroy It Sports we promise to bring you the best there is available at a competitive price with unmatched service.

DESTROY IT Sports is an Elite Representative for Rude American Bat Company who makes the MOAB-MOTHER OF ALL BATS Speed & Power Engineered in the USA! Rude does extensive prototype testing, often going through 6 versions of one bat over a 6 month testing period until we have absolutely proven that our bat out performs every other bat in its class. Then, and only then, do we go into certification and production. The process is the same for every category we enter. We know we can’t beat the big companies in advertising. We must beat them with the best product and we do.

The Rude American Bat Co. Engineers design weapon parts, specifically weapon shells. That's what our bat is, a shell. We understand precision tooling and the performance standards very well and we build to the edge of those standards. We spend twice as much in certification and inventory in order to have a Speed Engineered bat and a Power Engineered bat. The Speed is a moderately balanced version and the Power is a moderately end loaded version. Our baseball bats are made of a proprietary scandium alloy blend and our Fast Pitch bats are a one piece composite design. The manner in which we distribute the material is also proprietary.  Just as you would make a moderate adjustment to a players swing to get dramatic results, we have made moderate weight distribution alterations that provide dramatic results and a slow taper for better performance on an inside pitch.

Bats are not one size fits all. We offer two versions so that we can provide the player an additional competitive advantage by finding out which bat fits his/her swing. Balanced, end loaded, speed and power are words. Do not think that Power is for the big guy and Speed for the little, it doesn’t work that way. There is no rhyme or reason. We encourage you to demo for a greater competitive advantage. Both Speed and Power are built to the edge of the performance standard.

Once in the cage we know the player is holding the hottest bat. If given the opportunity to demo you will take that to another level. It will be obvious that the ball is coming off of the bat faster with one of these bats during the demo session. We start by taking 3 swings with the players existing bat, then 6 swings with the Speed Engineered bat and 6 with the Power Engineered bat. Ask the player which feels better even though it will already be pretty apparent which of the bats he is squaring up line drives with more consistently with the ball coming off of the bat faster than the others. The player will then swing the chosen bat again to confirm.

The goal is to find 2 or 3 miles per hour of increased ball speed off of the bat that can be done through the demo process. Each mile per hour is the equivalent of 5 or 7 feet, thus the difference between a fly out and outfielders chasing a ball over their head or an infield put out versus a ball getting out of the infield quickly for a base hit.

Once the demo is complete the player, coach, (parent if applicable) and the instructor will all know & agree which bat is best suited for that particular player. This player now not only has the best bat but now has an even greater competitive advantage by tailoring the bat that best matches his swing. The end result is performance and increased ball exit speed.
Both Speed and Power are built to the edge of the performance standard, thus, either bat will provide peak performance.



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